Now how do these stats sound for a downhill race?

  • 2336 vertical drop
  • 3663 metres above sea level
  • 14.5 km long
  • 20 Min 48 Sec track record
  • 81 KM/H speed record

This is the Super Downhill held near Santiago in Chile and it looks like a monster - its organisers are even calling it the longest downhill race ever.

For comparison, the old Red Bull Psychosis record was 12:35, the Garbanzo around 12 and the Austrian Nordkette "only" 9:21. The Megavalanche does take over 40 minutes though, so depending on how you class that, they may not be quite right.

Either way it looks like an awesome event, well worth keeping an eye on and fair play to whoever is able to hang on for a full 20 minute race run.