A trio of trail riders in Washington captured on camera the scary moment they came under fire while out on a ride.

They were riding on trails in the Capitol State Forest when bullets whizzed within fifteen feet of them - and you thought big gaps were scary! The shooter was firing recreationally but broke a number of firearm rules.

Apparently this isn't even that uncommon. There have been 28 reported near misses on Department of Natural Resources land in the state of Washington and 11 instances where bullets have hit homes or cars. The footage is now being used in discussions of regulation of shooting in the forest. Click here for more on that.

The cameraman, Dave Ellerbrock, said: "After reflecting for a couple days about this incident, we were actually really close to catching a bullet. I kinda regret that we did not confront this person directly with cameras and give them a solid tongue lashing and post their faces to social media, they got off easy.

"Please learn a lesson from this if you shoot for fun in the forest. I have nothing against guns or target shooting, but this person was breaking multiple rules of recreational shooting and common sense!"