Stanton is the purveyor of what is arguably the finest looking boutique hardtail in the world - the slackline - here it is in action.

A few months ago Stanton announced a Mkii version of the hardtail with slightly refined geometry and the ability to run plus size wheels. Here you can see it being field tested on the dreamy trails of Lake Garda.

Here's what they had to say: "The terrain was rocky, steep and quite simply one of the most picturesque place’s we’ve ever seen. We took both resident pinners with us (Oli Watson and Dan Bateson) to really try to express how well the new frame handles steep technical terrain. We had one bike built up on 2.8 Plus rear and 3" Plus front and the other bike was set up with the standard 2.4 front and rear. To be honest both set-up's held up to the extremely rocky terrain well and we managed to produce (against the odds but you’ll have to see the out-takes for that info) a tidy, neat edit."

Plus size tyres haven't won everyone over but you can't deny that the Slackline Ti still looks great with or without them.

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