Crews can't get more special than this! Semenuk, R-Dog, Hucker, Bezanson, Carson Storch and more hit the Wetlands spot for an all-time session.

Dylan Stark was on hand to capture it all. There's a fair bit of filler, so we've skipped the intro, but the riding is worth the wait. It's like the old-school Aptos Post Office days.

Stark said: "I start off this video by giving Brandon Semenuk one of my Signature Strangerbmx Frames the "Ironmane" because over a year ago he did the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me, He saw potential in my riding and saw that I was riding a 10 year old mountain bike and Brandon felt that I should be riding something better, So he sent me one of his old bikes and it honestly changed my life.

"Fast forward a year and a half my signature frame comes out and I return the favor and we have one of the heaviest sessions to go down at The Wetlands with so many local pros, Sessions like this is what riding bikes is all about, Good times getting sideways with good friends!"