Saddleback and Intense have come together to form a brand new racing team ready to charge on the UK and international scene.

The distributor only recently picked up Intense so it's cool to see how quickly it has formed Intense Racing UK.

With seven riders all ready to charge when race season rolls around, we expect to see a number of great results from this young team. Let's see who's on board:

CHARLIE HATTON, Home: South Wales. Ride: M16

Category: Elite DH

JOE BREEDeN, Home: North Wales. Ride: M16

Category: Junior DH

JESS GREAVES. Home: Bristol. Ride: M16

Category: Women’s DH

SAM FLOCKHART. Home: Scotland. Ride: Tracer

Category: Elite Enduro

AJAY JONES, Home: South Wales. Ride: Tracer

Category: Expert Enduro

ANDREW TITLEY. Home: Bristol. Ride: Tracer/M16

Category: Vets Enduro/DH

NATHAN CARR. Home: Weston Supermere

Enduro Mechanic

ANDY LUND. Home: North Wales

DH Mechanic