If you get two legends as big as Rob Warner and Steve Peat together you can guarantee some good times.

Here's what we said at the time:

You may have seen the in-depth look at the state of play for modern mountain bikes that Soho Bikes released a few weeks ago, but they didn't dare to show you this. Reunited on a race track for the first time in years, Rob Warner and Steve Peat take a run down Bike Park Wales' Fifty Shades of Black with Warner on commentary duty -Expect some high-jinks and fruity language as the old-guard take to the hill!

There are 18 World Cup wins between this pair, but it has to be said, one has held on to their talent better than the other. Sit back and enjoy.

The video was released to cleberate the launch of Soho Bikes' new website, check it out here.