Here's Rémy Métailler proving he's not just a one trick pony as he spreads his wings from Whistler to Norway's Hafjell. Hafjell has fallen off the World Cup circuit now but there's still a wealth of great trails to explore (if you don't mind paying through the nose for a beer) and Rémy shows them off prefectly here. He also takes a run down the Bobsleiogh track that was used in the nearby 1994 Lillehammer Winter Olympics.

Commencal said: "We tend to associate Rémy Métailler with Whistler Bike Park too often. When Rémy suggested we go to Hafjell in Norway to discover the famous park, we jumped at the chance. A breath of fresh air for Remy and the opportunity for him to do something different. As usual, he meticulously dissected each section of the bike park to find his features, his speed and his style. Each bike park is different but the vision of Rémy is his. Hafjell's aura inspired!"