The third instalment of Pure Darkness has dropped and it's an absolute belter.

The trailer that dropped a few weeks ago promised great things and the final edit fully delivers. These jumps are some of the biggest we've ever seen and even challenge the FEST series in terms of balls-to-the-wall insanity - yet they're hitting them on slopestyle bikes, bonkers!

The main roll in alone is ridiculous and the boys are fired off it with the speed of a heat seeking missile onto the main step up. There's also last year's line which looks tiny in comparison. We just wonder where they're going to take this next.

Here's what Sam Reynolds had to say:

"For the great Kelly McGarry, who devastatingly passed at the same time as we were filming this, thanks for the inspiration big guy, we dedicate this project to you, your attitude and your memory. Going big will never die!"