This is Peaty Season 3 Episode 3

Steve and the Syndicate crew are back for another episode following their antics at the Fort William and Leogang World Cups. Steve has been helping out with a new World Cup DH track in Switzerland as well as getting to all the races and clearly still enjoying going flat out.

It's 20 years (ish) since Steve first raced in Fort William and back then there was no chair lift and the riders walked to the top of the track! This year he was back and shared a special moment on the podium with Greg Minnaar. Peaty was about to turn 40 and Greg was racing his 100th World Cup. When it came to the race it wasn't to be for Steve, after having fun in practice with Ratboy he qualified 38th and ended up 10 places better in 28th at the end of the day.

Josh faired better with a 13th place but he and a load of others expected more, but the stars weren't quite ready to align yet. That said there was a good old celebration that night in Fort William, starting with Greg's sword based cake cutting and a wheelie competition on Ratboy's moto things were only going to get better!

Onto Leogang and not somewhere favoured by Peaty, all a bit bike parky for his taste and things just wouldn't flow together. Bryceland had other ideas and forgot to moan about the track as he was having so much fun, it seems the mental side of racing has been something that has to be spot on for Josh and he was setting himself up for something big. It turned out not to be Peaty's day and he came over the line in 31st but that ended up not being the story of the day. Josh was on fire though, he was jumping gaps and making all his lines, things were looking good. It wasn't until fastest qualifier Loic Bruni came down that things got tense, Josh had crossed the line with a 1.25s lead but Loic was up at the first two splits. But then he overcooked the turn after the stepped chute section and went down, the win was Josh's and his first World Cup of many we hope.

Even if he forgot the words to the national anthem he had a super soaker sized magnum of Champagne to down before the Syndicate went out in style and took the party to Leogang.

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