Oli Carter and his Cube have been razzing around the French Alps recently, and he's come back with a banger of a video. He's only been and gone and ridden James McKnight's recent discovery of the "best trail ever" as well! Here's what he's got to say...
"Having the opportunity to live in the french alps for the past few years has been incredible and i have had the privilege to ride some of the best natural single track europe has to offer.
There has been one mountain that has been on the to do list but the time was never right... until now!
Over 3 evening sessions I hiked, Rode and filmed up the mountain in perfect 'Golden Hour' Light.
It was all about timing, as i wanted to be at the top for sunset it was a mad rush to get shots done in the twilight and get to the top without missing the grand finale.
Descending each night in the dark was so rad, Alpine trails really change when the sun goes down. My Exposure lights lit up the trails perfectly allowing me to shred as if it was day time.
Thanks to everyone who has helped me this year and make trips like this possible, Cube Bikes UK, Ride.io, Exposure Lights, One Indurstries and Schwalbe tyres.
Thanks for watching, now go and ride!"