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Mountain bikers vs animals: nine of mountain biking’s craziest animal attacks

When nature bites back

There’s no doubt mountain biking is a dangerous sport. Big jumps, sharp rocks and slippery roots will all try to catapult you face first into the mud. But what happens when nature throws in an extra challenge? Sometimes the animals aren’t happy to share their homes with us and fight back.

Here are nine of the craziest animal attacks caught on camera.

1. 25 dogs

This one is really scary. This guy was having a pootle down a public lane when he was quickly surrounded by a pack of vicious dogs. Thankfully the farmers were on hand to calm them down but this could have turned ruff, fast.

2. A Bear

Is this a bear attack or an attacked bear? Either way, David Souza got a shock when this cub crossed his path. There’s a lot of fake bear attacks on the net but you can’t CGI a stack like that.

3. A mountain lion

A genuinely terrifying situation and props to the rider who filmed this for staying so calm under pressure. Is it just us or do those roar sounds not seem 100 per cent real though?

4. A Moose

Considering how big moose are, they do a pretty good job of hiding. This mother comes charging out of nowhere at this group of riders. Thankfully she misses with her kicks but still sends this lot scattering.

5. A hawk

Bet you thought this was going to be the Gee Atherton video, didn’t you? Well as good as that is, it is a bit staged, whereas this hawk clearly wanted to chow down on this rider’s helmet. Mmmm tasty Mips.

6. A cow

This guy… probably deserved it. If you’re going to ride that fast past one of the biggest, dumbest animals around you can’t get mad if you get hurt. It’s in German but his amoosing language means you won’t need a translator.

7. a Giraffe

If there’s one thing to rival Rampage for fear factor then it has to be the world’s tallest animal lumbering around you. The giraffe actually seems quite docile in comparison to other animals here but no doubt things could have escalated fast.

8. A Gazzelle

Is it just us or does South Africa not seem like a very nice place to ride? This clip may be the most famous one going but it’s still worth a re-watch.

9. Other Mountain Bikers

As sad as it is, sometimes things like this happen. This is a truly pathetic altercation that neither party comes out of looking well. We ride bikes to get away from the stress of day to day life. The trails are not the place for stuff like this.


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