Metis Creative - Ryan Villapoto | Road to Recovery

Clay Porter might be known in the world of MTB for his work on films like 3 Minute Gaps but he's pointed his camera at a lot of other sports too. For some reason this film of Ryan Villapoto I can watch again and again, the camera work, the drone footage and the style and speed just make it rad. Had to post it on the site so that's it really!

If you need another hit of rad videos then here's a few to keep you busy:

NoSunValley, Slovenia | Massive mountains and stunning singletrack, this should be on your list of places to visit.

Danny MacAskill - The Ridge | Riding the Cuillin ridge, just watch it!

Sam Hill - #OnTheHunt | We Sam Return top form this season winning in Meribel, this is just some cracking action of Hill at full tilt.