This is a great video from Whistler Bike Park which focuses on the wednesday night race series, Phat Wednesdays. Its like mates racing on a very grand and very well sponsored scale with amazing prizes and beer all for just '2 bucks' a week. This has to be the future of bike racing and all you need.... is a bike park!

Brilliantly produced by Goldstein Productions they capture the fun and passion that mates racing can instill in participants. Lose against the best, but still beat your mate... fun in the pub later!


The Phat Wednesday race series presented by Bud Light is easily one of the best race series in the world...

You can be a world cup pro or someone who has only been on a bike a handful of times to come out and enjoy Phat Wednesday races. Each week from June to the end of August, the Whistler Mountain Bike Park plays host to one of the most unique downhill race series in the world.

Watch to get an inside look as to what makes this series unique and come out and try it for yourself.

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Video by Goldstein Productions with support from Eimanne El Zein -

Photos by Mark Mackay Photography

Appearances by Peter Matthews, Seb Fremont, Tristan Merrick, Lula Darquier, James McSkimming, Adam Billinghurst

Additional riding by Chris Kovarik, Claire Buchar, Remy Metallier, Nick Geddes and Sarah Leishman.