Santa Cruz launched their Mid Wheeled Solo bike a month ago with an epic adventure video edit featuring Dr Steve Peat 'on his own' in the Scottish Highlands. Here we're able to take a peek behind the lens to see how it was made and all the trials and tribulations working in the outdoors brings to a production.

Watching the Santa Cruz Solo video, it would be easy to think the Gaelic Gods gifted us with perfect weather conditions.

Far from it. Snow came down right on the one day we'd hired the helicopter... and the cineflex operator had pretty much told us he hadn't been able to record any decent footage. Only when we got back to camp did we realize the epic scenes that had been captured... and saw how much potential still remains in Scotland.

Watch Chris Ball (Baller Consultancy), Stu Thomson & Scott Marshall (CutMedia) and Sheffield Steel himself (Steve Peat) as they battle to make it count.

Behind the scenes filmed and edited by Joe Bowman (Steel City Media).