LooseFest Highlights Video

The office on Mondays is usually a heads-down, recover from hangover kind of place. Not one where everybody crowds around a screen leaving the air thick with expletives while watching a video kind of place. But Nico Vink's new not-so-secret riding spot at LooseFest has turned the air a deep shade of blue and made more than one person lose track of their work. HOW big?!

The guy's gone mad and invited some of the best riders in the world to what must be some of the biggest jumps in the world. Stick the likes of Vink, Andreu Lacondeguy, and Kurt Sorge in one place and let the tricks roll. We're not sure how it didn't end in death or at least paralysing injury, but anyone who says the sport isn't moving forwards has been proved categorically wrong. Anyway, here's the LooseFest highlight video. Try not to hold your breath or swear at work.

And if you missed it, the POV video we posted up a few days ago, where you can backflip a crazy huge jump with Andreu Lacondeguy, it's here.