John Lawlor and Victor Lucas can both list contributions to Dirt on their CVs and are at the very top of the mountain bike media game. In seven years they've been covered everything from World Cup downhill to peloton pros and have featured some of the world's most famous cyclists.

This video is a greatest hits of their time together as they launch into a new partnership Lawlor and Lucas. There's a great mix of action with plenty of banger shots.

The boys said: "Over the past 7 years, we’ve been lucky to shoot with so many amazing bike riders - Peat, Brosnan, Bruni, Gwin, Vouilloz, Minnaar, Sauser, Kulhavy, Langvad and Akrigg - to name-drop just a few. There have been many so great locations and many different stories to tell - the highs and lows of racing, the excitement of discovering new places and of course plenty of white-knuckle action.

"We felt like it was way overdue that we put together a compilation of our favourite sessions… kind of a Greatest Hits Album. We’re certainly not superstar DJs, it’s the athletes who deserve the spotlight centre-stage. But we hope you enjoy this set as much as we did making it. Rock on."