The One thing everybody wants to know this off season is - what the hell is Josh Bryceland doing next year?

Well, this video may just give us a clue. It shows us one lap of Ratboy racing the Singlespeed Cyclocross World Championships. If that sounds like a serious affair, don't worry, it's not. Fancy dress, marching bandsĀ and a lot of booze make it one of the weirdest (but probably most fun) races going.

It's great to see Josh Bryceland, Josh Lewis and Iago Garay representing mtb on klunkers too, they even got recognised by some of the CX crowd.

OK, so we're pretty sure this isn't a long term thing for Josh, but it makes a fun watch anyway. If you want to cut out the muddy slogging skip to 6:50, 8:15, 9:08, and 11:55.

50to01 said: "Ball pits, smoke tents, maize maze start, marching band... this race really had everything. Loose Rat and Iago had crazy amounts of fun. big up sscxwcpdx crew!!"