Jérôme Clementz is fast on big bikes and small bikes! JC returns home to Alsace in France to meet up with his "homies" or "amis" and ride a big DH train through a great looking descent. He then hooks up with the lesser known Clementz, his brother Pierre, for some terrific looking singletrack riding with a short stop for what looks like a giant Cornish Pasty (a Welsh Oggy round these parts).

I'm left with a feeling that Alsace is a bloody good region to live in.

Photo © Nuss et Damien Guiot


This is part of JC's 12 Months 12 Stories a monthly video feature produced for Loizo Rider Productions by Jérémie Reuiller.

Episode 3 here is called Friends & Brotherhood and features friends Richard Delaunay, Emile Pressager, Eliott Lapotre, Guillaume Heinrich & Martin Reuiller as well as JC's brother Pierre Clementz.