The BDS is the best series in the world for getting young racers up to World Cup standard and the awesome tracks are one of the main reasons for that.

With so many countries racing on bike park motorways, it's places like Llangollen that keep the gnar spirit alive and the Brits the fastest in the world. This new track is no exception.

Designed by Brian Mundy of Ride Portugal, it's designed to be a totally new style of track that bridges the gap between bike parks and race tracks. Say goodby to The Squirrel because this looks like a winner!

Brian said: "I had noticed a distinct hole in the market here in the UK for a bridge between the new generation of bike parks and race tracks. There is also a big gap between world cup and everything else to be found I feel…

"For the last 4 months (I) have built an entirely new style of track single handed.

"I believe it will shake some feathers and very much change the future of both the venue and racing south of Scotland."

The track itself starts next to the Squirrel but gaps over it into steep, switchback-y singletrack. This then dives into some woods (not THE woods) and then out into the open for a field of jumps. It's a track that has a bit of everything and there's rumours it will be used for the BDS in August - let's hope they're true!

Note - The track is not yet complete and is only to be ridden on the opening weekend (next weekend).