We've just seen this really nicely done edit titled 'How to Make a Mountain Bike Film' from Filme von Draussen, which breaks the art of making mountain bike edits down into easy to follow steps, and includes some beautiful scenery and camera work. It left us thinking that there are probably two schools of thought though, so we've gone one step further to bring you a comprehensive guide to MTB film production option categories, which we've numbered from 1 to 2 in the easy to follow system below. Hopefully this helps.

How to make MTB films

Option #1: Follow these simple steps for a slick edit with a storyline

Slick edit: Sequences, storylines, tripods and no zooming are among some of the rules of the game.

RESULT: The perfect MTB edit.


Alex Rankin: Like the above, but the opposite.

RESULT: Phwoar, bikes are rad!

Which do you prefer?