Gary Fisher, one of the founding fathers of MTB, has come out on the side of eBikes.

Sure, this is basically just an advert for Bosh but for Fisher to put his name behind it is a big deal. This is a man who raced Klunkers back in the Repack days. No suspension, plaid shirts and, most scary of all, no helmets, this was mountain biking without the campaigns, social media hype or wheel size debates of today.

It seems Fisher is into the "uphill flow" aspect of ebikes, calling it the "next big thing". He said: "You know what? E-mountain bike takes away the hard part. It's that bit where you're going 5kmh and you're in a world of hurt barely making it up, goodbye, goodbye, that's gone... We can fun going uphill as well as down, and In like that a lot."

No matter what your ethical stance on them, it's hard to disagree that they're a barrel of fun when you're charging up steep gradients.

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