It doesn't get much better than this! Peaty, riding in Sheffield, Arctic Monkeys on the tunes and Bricktop narrating. Mono and Joe absolutely killed it with Gamble and now one of our favourite sections has been released for free for everyone to enjoy.

The section starts with Peaty riding the as-yet unopened ski centre in Sheffield with a custom track full of big berms, booters and even a hop-on-hop-off container. The action then moves to where else but Wharncliffe. It's where Peaty perfected his trade and, of course, the setting for the iconic Seasons section. 

JoBo said: "Steve Peat's segment from GAMBLE Film was conjured up through a collaboration of local love for all things two wheels and a vision to create something personal in the heart of the Outdoor City, Sheffield.

"The whole idea of this segment was to bring together some of the key elements of Steve's home, the inner city greenery on offer, a thriving local riding scene and the soundtrack from a local band that goes by the name of the 'Arctic Monkeys' that you may have heard of...Enjoy"

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