This week's Friday randoms is essentially an ode to John John Florence. Since the 2-time World Surf League champ suffered a knee injury he's been elusive, quiet. Now we've found out why, forget one of the best surf videos we've seen, this is one of the best videos we've seen full stop.

There's also the usual mix of Instabangers and the best of skate, moto, and BMX. Perfect to wind down the last few hours at work before the weekend. Bonza

John John Florence - Space

This is an absolute madness. From the filming to the surfing, perfect.


Sam Hill dishing out a schooling and Bryn Atkinson reminding us all how to corner

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Eli Tomac - The Fastest Man in the World?

Clue's in the title

The fastest way to break your bike and yourself

Belgium has hills?

Placing bets and kicking ass at 83

Don't mess with an old man putting a pony on Liverpool to win 

Who knew kayaking was the gnarliest sport on the planet?

Hands down, I want to go kayaking now