It's been a great week for edits this week and we had a tough time cutting it down to five. Brett Rheeder has released one of the most hyped edits of the year while Bernard Kerr slips out an under-the-radar belter. WE've also got Vero Sandler doing what she does best, a look behind the magnificent Shredder zine and something a bit quirky from Spain. Enjoy! 

Brett Rheeder - Beautiful Idiot

The biggest release of the week is undoubtedly Brett Rheeder’s Beatutiful Idiot and… I’m not into it. There’s about four minutes of absolute gold here when Rheeder is in his back yard throwing down heavy combos and experimenting with a freecoaster but it’s sandwiched by a lot of pretentious dullness.

Basically watch it all and leave feeling underwhelmed or skip to 7:30 and watch one of the edits of the year.

Vero Sandler - The sound of speed


Without a doubt, Vero is the most stylish woman on a mountain bike at the moment and fully deserving of this Red Bull showcase. Watch her ripping up the Moto Line at Black Mountains in this short but oh so sweet little edit.

ShredderMTBzine - Behind the mask

Welcome to the new cool. We bloody love Shredder here at Dirt and it’s great to see Stuz and his zine go from strength to strength. Check out this behind the scenes look at how Shredder came to life and how he’s taking it from strength to strength.

Bernard Kerr - Summer Living

Style personified. Bernard Kerr resists the temptation to oversaturate the internet with his edits and they’re all the more juicy when they come because of it. Twice a year max we get to see Bernard smash a bike park with mannys, transitions, t-bogs, suicides, crank flips - basically the full trick bag of a modern park rat. This one’s a belter.

David Cachon - All day, All night

You can always rely on David Cachon for creativity and this latest edit is no different. Yes, it’s not the best trail or trials riding you’ll see or year but watching the same shot transition from day to night is a neat trick that doesn’t overstay its welcome.