Five fine mountain bike edits for your satisfaction/time wasting/inspiration. They're all good but Huck Wizard 3 is the clear winner in the creativity stakes here.

1: Huck Wizard 3

This one needs no explaining - it's Huck Wizard of course!

2: Blenki rips it up

Bare knuckle downhilling from one of New Zealand's finest shredders.

3: World Cup Training

Ummm, skateboarding down hills seems like decent training... More so the gnarrrrly downhill though.

4: Nicolas Vouilloz on an e-bike

Lapierre's Overvolt is paving the e-bike way, but do we need these bikes around? Or is posing that question the new 'is 29 any faster than 26'?

5: Downhill racing, Croation style

This track looks amazing! Rocks a-plenty and the roundup vid is quality.

FBM Bikes bowl Jam

Can't get much better than a jam at a bowl!