I must admit I have struggled to get my head around Fat Bikes; What's the point? However, this video has opened my eyes a bit and made me remember that many parts of this planet are covered in terrain that 'skinny' tyres don't really roll over very well.

Out in the winter wilds of Michigan in America, they have created a Snow Bike specific route with berms and maintained snow singletrack. They claim, a first of its kind. I'll leave it up to you to decide how much fun you could have in those conditions.


Cold Rolled-Chapter 5 of 5

The SBR Shred Session

Rider: Evan Simula

Song: "Nasty" by Break Science

Watch Chapter 1: vimeo.com/80375092

Watch Chapter 2: vimeo.com/80402798

Watch Chapter 3: vimeo.com/80379079

Watch Chapter 4: vimeo.com/80386440

Cold Rolled is an action documentary from Clear & Cold Cinema, Salsa Cycles and TravelMarquetteMichigan.com that will explore the history and progression of winter cycling culture in the small Lake Superior harbor town of Marquette, Michigan.

Chapter Five is the final chapter and showcases the fast and fun riding potential of a maintained snow singletrack trail.

Marquette's Noquemanon Trails Network has nearly perfected equipment and techniques used to launch its Snow Bike Route (SBR), a 15-mile winter singletrack developed for fat tire bikes. The fast narrow trail features flowy terrain, steep descents and large bermed turns. It's believed to be the first trail of its kind--but more importantly, it's pretty fun.