Nicolai's New Fatbike

The video below almost made me fall off my chair. Nicolai have just released their new Argon Fat Pinion bike, a fatbike that, yes you've guessed it, features a Pinion gearbox, and to mark the launch they've put together a video of someone actually riding one fast and looking fairly stylish. I never thought I would be saying those words. To be fair, Frank Schneider is an absolute ripper and could ride faster than most of us on pretty much anything. What they should really have done was also film him riding the same track on a regular hardtail...although then everyone would see just how pointless fatbikes are. Oh, and with the inclusion of a Gates Carbon Belt Drive Nicolai really do seem to have thrown everything at this bike...apart from possibly sense.

Anyway, enjoy possibly the best fatbike video you are ever likely to see...

Notice how much he had to pedal?