It's not everyday that we get a call about a video like this, the guys at Fox pulled this one out of the bag after Yannick Granieri spotted this 10 metre wide canal in France and figured flipping over it would make a cool photo. Add in wakeboarder Lee Debuse to the mix and you have the potential for a banging shot.

Timing was everything with this and getting both guys in the air at just the right time can't have been easy. Yannick asked his brother to come down and in two days they built the huge roll in he needed to make the gap. The guys then built a rail out of the water and hey presto everything was in place for a something a bit special.

After a few practice runs Yannick and Lee got their timing right and drop in for the shot, as you can see they pulled it off and it's one hell of a photo!

After landing something like this we can't think of what they will dream up next but whatever it is pulling things like this always add's some variety to the world of biking. If you want to check out a few more shots of the flip then hit the gallery from Steph Cande here:

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