When you say the words: "the Following's delinquent little brother" we get very excited indeed. We're big fans of Evil bikes and this latest addition to the armoury looks like it's going to fit right in.

  • 130 mm travel
  • 66.4° head angle
  • 432mm chainstays
  • 1218mm wheelabse (large)
  • 338mm BB height

Evil describe the Calling as a "bike shaped skateboard" they want this to be a playful, poppy and fun - basically everything you expect from an Evil - but with water bottle mounts.

The bike is 130mm travel, with a RockShox Super Deluxe shock providing the oomph. It can be fitted with 27.5 of 26+ wheels.

As it stands, it's only available as a frame only  in size medium costing $2,899.00 (£2,288). Don't worry though, Evil are working on getting as many sizes in stock as soon as possible.

For more information, click here.