We're used to seeing Dylan Sherrard going huge and throwing nasty shapes so it's nice to have a more laid back look at his life on wheels.

Here Dylan talks about his motivation and reasons for riding in Kamloops. Although he may ride the complete opposite terrain to us in murky Wales, there's still plenty we can relate too. The love of bikes truly is a universal language.

NSMB said: "As mountain bikers, our style of riding is born from the terrain we call home. Visible features of the land are more than familiar shapes that we see each day. The smells, sights, and even the dirt influences us in complex ways. This is not just about our physical beings as riders - it is also our culture.

The Landshapes video series explores the impact of topography and how it has shaped four very unique riders. In the first instalment, Dylan Sherrard shows us how the clay spires, sagebrush, and wildlife of Kamloops has been a driving force behind his two-wheeled self, nurturing his passion for freeriding but encouraging him to get out on other bikes to alter his experience."