The Dudes of Hazzard - Enduro is on for you!

The Dudes of Hazzard are back with another Eurovision worthy Enduro sing along number. We're betting this is a chart topper and doubtless the karaoke bars of Kinlochleven will be bopping to these lyrics for a long time to come. The event Joe and the boys are shouting/singing/wailing about is the Dudes Enduro race that is taking place in Kinlochleven on the 8th and 9th of November, here's the info from No Fuss events and if you want to enter then get yourself to the link right here to claim you number board.

No Fuss Events

The final round of the Scottish Enduro Series will be hosted by No Fuss and The Dudes of Hazzard at their 3rd Annual 'This is Enduro Now' enduro in Kinlochleven. The Dudes of Hazzard Enduro has gained a reputation for great racing over challenging terrain, slick organisation and fantastic craic! These values are exactly what the Scottish Enduro Series is all about so there is little doubt that the final round and series prizegiving should be at this legendary event. Expect great stages and brilliant entertainment!

This is Enduro Now is a 2 day event with practice on the Saturday and racing on the Sunday. Saturday night entertainment will be provided by Cut Media and the streaker might make a repeat performance! Sunday's prizegiving will include the winners on the day and also will be where the Scottish Enduro Champions will be announced. This really will be the season ender to beat all others!

If you missed the latest trailer for their upcoming Dudementary then check that out here