At ThisiSheffield we are well known for our winter dual race series. This short edit by Duncan Philpott of the first grassy dual of the year shows just why everyone should be doing this through the long wintery nights. So simple, so fun and so bloody fast. Farmer Jack's hill was steep, the grass was grippy and the speeds were break neck. With a whole host of amazing crashes, the night will be remembered for a long time to come. We just needed the hill, some posts, a couple of stop watches and some mates. Why aren't you doing it too?

Nick Hamilton and Cheggers carving grassy corners - Photo: Duncan Philpott

However, this race was also particularly special due to some of the new entrants. Clay Porter and John Lawlor were over at Peaty's filming for #WontBackDown. Unfortunately, they both backed down and crashed out in early rounds. As we know though, Steve Peat #WontBackDown and took then win in style. There is a full race report over on ThisiSheffield.

The push back up was plenty the only thing keeping us warm: Photo - Josh Lewis