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DirtTV - Because Gaz is worth it | Gareth Brewin 2015

To celebrate the launch of his new own brand hair care range, Red Bull Hardline builder and long hair fanatic Gareth Brewin has been in front of Tom Caldwell's lens. He decided to show the world what rubbing it into your scalp will do to your riding by hitting some of deepest, darkest Welsh tracks he could find at nothing less than maximum RPM.

Fresh after nailing the Hardline road gap and with longs locks flowing in the wind, Gaz hits the much loved Bala or Rhyd-y-Felin racetrack (that he built) where his wheels glide silky smooth over the mass of loose rock, just like the shampoo that you should try out!

Followed by a track from his youth, buried away in Snowdonia National Park which he built with Joe Smith and Matt Simmonds, it's comparable to the English Channel this time of year with the amount of rain we've seen. Technical and rocky, we guess that's why the riders from round these parts are so nimble. Lunch break rolls around and Gareth's drifting instinct kicks in and switches from being loose on the bike to loose in the car but that's what fireroad's are made for, right?

You can catch Gaz at all the BDS rounds in 2015 as well as most World Cup rounds this year, if he's not on track he'll be conditioning his hair or in vehicle sideways somewhere. [related_articles]