DirtTV Enduro Warfare with Josh Lewis

Tom Caldwell has been firing out some banger videos recently for DirtTV, we've seen the recent CRC signed rider Elliot Heap taking everything at full speed and not holding back. Also who could forget Gazzy B's video, everything to keep those locks flowing in the wind! Gaz helped build the Hardline and he knows how to ride as well.


For this latest video Josh decided it was high time someone poked a big fun stick at Eddie Masters video from early last year The Spirit of Enduro. This is Josh's version of Enduro Warfare and he takes his loose and flat out style to the woods of Wharncliffe to get things honed before the season kicks off.

Here's the word from the boys:

Locked and loaded with fresh new Santa Cruz race bikes, along with the odd AK47, Josh 'Loosedog' Lewis sets out on his assault on hunt down Enduro chief Eddie Masters and give him a taste of the Sheffield Lad Life.

After snapping the ACL in his left leg late last year, Josh was happy to hug a few trees and bury his face into the ground again (keep an eye out for the slams in the video!), and being the tequila bandit he is, proceeded to ride for half of this video slightly (read very) intoxicated.

Smashing the 'Wharncouver' area of Wharncliffe woods along with some snow covered boulders for good measure, Josh then picked up the bigger and bluer weapon to shred, scrub and whip anything he could find upon the foggy moors.

Take note Eddy, Josh has his own gateholder and pyrotechnics department. I'd up your game if I were you. #ladlife

Josh has just taken off for New Zealand – he might get there next week with any luck in that little old plane, but you can expect more from him and Eddy soon.

For more insight on filming antics and behind the scenes shots, check out Josh's blog @ looseblog.stif.co.uk

Video: www.facebook.com/caldwellvisuals

Images: http://www.isacpaddock.co.uk/

Isac Paddock was on hand to shoot stills and there's a bumper batch of them right here for you to check out.