Film maker Tom Caldwell and crew have been flat out over the winter months working hard on Dirt's (soon to be) epic 'A Slice of British Pie'. We are pretty excited about this film that features "all your UK favourite riders" including Josh 'Ratboy' Bryceland, Brendan Fairclough, Sam Dale, Phil Atwill and many, many more.


As previously mentioned, the (almost sold out) premiere will be taking place on March 12th at Mud Dock Cycleworks in Bristol, followed by Sheffield (info here and tickets here) and Glentress (info here) later in the week. So anyway, here's the trailer (below) for you to enjoy, giving you a taste of the RAD riding and mayhem that's on its way... press play.

Photos: Ben Winder

"Sit tight for 25 minutes of all killer and certainly no filler from some of the world's biggest mountain bikers as Dirt brings you just a slice of the British riding scene. From Fort William to Surrey, the boys are out in force showing the rest of the globe how we do it in our muddy little corner of the world."

Slice of Pie 10