So the Connected Project with Leo, Goran and Primoz. A three part journey from Slovenia and Croatia with Whistler being their goal. Here's what they had to say:

"At the beginning of this year we started a project called Connected. The main goal of our project was to increase our bike scene both in Croatia and Slovenia and our plan is to achieve that mostly by travelling and riding some of the most amazing places as well as the best bike parks and spots in the world while filming web episodes. This way, we would like to motivate people to start riding as well as to keep riding bikes even when they feel like they don't have anywhere to ride or that travelling around the world, riding the best bike parks and feeling a part of the bike industry is hard. There's always a way to succeed at what we want, it's just a matter of creativity and thinking outside of the box."

Road to Whistler is three episodes with three dirt bike riders from Slovenia and Croatia showing us their playground where they used to ride and learn tricks. In episode one they present Croatia, Istrian coast city Umag and dirt park Rakitje near Zagreb.