The Coastal Crew always put on a good show. Great riding (from Curtis Robinson), beautifully filmed... what more could you want? Here's what they have to say:

"BC’s coastal rainforests are known to be some of the most lush and beautiful forests in the world, but this summer things changed. After months with out rain BC began to go up in flames. It’s not uncommon to see forest fires in the summer time in BC, but its usually in the more arid dry interior areas. Things were different this year. Everything was up in flames even the coastal area, and for the first time in our life times we had a forest fire here in Sechelt - on the Sunshine Coast. Fire crews from all over were brought in to help reduce the spread of the fire and keep it away from Sechelt. After weeks of battling the blaze the burn was contained, resulting in 423 hectares of torched forest. This presented an opportunity we couldn’t pass up, it was time to take out the tools and load up the camera gear."