Claudio Caluori sets off from the start greenhouse in Windham to take us down the track ahead of the Windham World Cup this weekend. Straight, literally straight out of the gate, Claudio gets up to speed and once he remembers to talk in English we get into the track.

It's pretty much one line up top before hitting a few rocks and sending it into some decent sized berms. There are some pretty nasty looking pointy rocks and some sketchy roots across the track but Claudio nails them at speed.

He then goes into warp speed and it's more like being on an X-wing fighter than a bike. Sending the road gap things get a bit blurry before slowing down into a tighter section through the woods. It seems that the changes in speed could be something for the riders to deal with, smooth transitions and linking everything will be more important than ever.

Dropping through the fields past the streakers it's time to open things up and hit the massive jumps near the bottom of the track. A few of these are blind senders and with Peaty's Plunge to contend with it's going to be flat out come race day.

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