We've been on a bit of a retro nostalgia fest here at Dirt recently with the 50to01 Dirt Diaries entry and Kathy Sessler's archive footage from Sprung 5 having us dreaming the mis-spent summers of our youth.

Chris Akrigg's latest video brings on a whole different wave of memories though as he straps on a bum bag and heads out to the hills on a retro "atb". With a long stem, wide bars and spongy gripsĀ it's a wonder he can ride the bike at all!

Well, that's not quite true. This is a very limited edition Mongoose that boasts modern xc geometry and 27.5+ wheels. Only five are being made and with Akrigg already bagsying one you better get your skates on for one of the others.

Akrigg said: "Old but new but old but new video.....

Had the best laugh putting this together, all about having fun!"