It's fair to say that 4x has had a rough time of it of late. Since departing from the World Cup circuit in 2011 it has faced an uphill struggle to maintain its presence as a staple discipline of competitive mountain biking. As much as the 4x Pro Tour, introduced in 2012, has endeavoured to keep 4x relevant, the growth of the Enduro World Series together with the expansion of the Crankworx series and a distinct lack of media coverage has forced it into the shadows of its trendier competition. Moving forward, 2018 may well prove to be a seminal moment for 4x; time to crank on or shut up shop if you will.

Who better to gain some insight into the recent era of 4x then than one of its most successful recent protagonists. Luke Cryer has made a name for himself as one of the brightest young talents on the 4x circuit; a second place finish at the 2015 World Championships was followed up by a 2016 bronze and a slew of great results. For 2018 however, Luke has made the decision to take a step away from 4x, choosing instead to focus on the remaining rounds of Crankworx. And when he's not racing? A summer spent in Morzine will do.

By now you've hopefully already seen Luke absolutely tearing up his local trails in the riding segment of his Bulletproof Talent feature. Now tune in as he gives us the low-down on everything from getting his start in 4x to his vision of how the sport can improve and why he's made the decision to move across to Crankworx for 2018.