Ouch!!! Army DH Team rider (check them out www.facebook.com/Britisharmydownhillteam) Brian Anderson had a massive high speed nose-bonk to barrel roll on the Moelfre quarry step down this weekend. The good news is that Brian is a good bouncer and walked away unscathed!

Chesty cam wearing Seb Frost following Brian comes out with a compassionate classic; "Your goggles fell off!

Here's what Brian had to say about the smash:

"I had already cleared the gap earlier in the day. Myself and Seb Frost (R&R/Team Skene) decided to go for a full run on camera. As I came into the jump there was a bit of a head wind, but I was still committed. Coming up to the 'bunny hop point' I knew I didn't have the speed this time, I pulled up but there was nothing I could do. I came up just short (front wheel just on the edge of the downslope) and the rear bucked me up. I held on and leant back to try to ride it out, but there was no bringing her back. Next thing I know I'm bouncing down the hill thinking about how 'broken' I'm going to be when I finally stop. I finally stopped, realised I was ok and crawled with dignity off the track and had a word with myself before continuing!

Oh and there was no damage to the bike or myself (other than abit stiff today). The only damage was a broken helmet peak!"