It's unlucky 13 for Brendan Fairclough in our Advent Calendar this year. Brendan came into Rampage on a high and scoped out this Canyon Gap early doors. Unfortunately he was six inches from stomping it on his first run resulting in this big stack.

Here's what we said at the time:

Brendan Fairclough has released helmet camera footage of the crash that forced him to pull out of the Red Bull Rampage.

Thankfully he did no serious damage in the fall but decided not to compete. Who can blame him though? You don't want to be hitting this unless you're 100 per cent.

Brendan said: "HUGE Crash, and that was thatĀ RampageĀ over! Still gutted that I couldn't ride my whole line, redemption is needed!!"

The gap look humongous from this angle and leaves us wondering what could have been were Brendan able to stomp it. It seems like he's keen to come back next year to finally stomp it though. We can't wait!

Watch another view of the crash here.