Bend is sometimes known as the retirement home of American mountain bikers. If that's the case, this is the kind of place we want to use our bus pass.

In the desert of Oregon, Carson Storch and Kyle Jameson spent six months crafting the latest Fest Series venue - Black Sage. Sponsored by both a local brewery and a weed grower, there was no mistaking what kind of event this was going to be and a week and a half of shredding proved how much fun it was. Here are the highlights.

Fest said: "The first rendition of Black Sage by the Fest Series was hosted by Kyle Jameson & Carson Storch east of Bend, OR at the Oregon Dirt Park. All the boys travelled from the corners of the earth to enjoy a week and a half of shredding the Black Sage course, and all that Central Oregon has to offer. Kyle and Carson spent 6 months carving the line out of the earth, and it was enjoyed by all. Thanks to all the fans that came out to support the boys on the public day."