To build the hype around their new film The Unreal Movie Anthill films have caught what is possibly the biggest MTB front flip ever from Tom van Steenbergen. The full film is due out next summer but like all big productions the crew are taking their time getting it right. At the moment we just have this head cam footage from the flip but if anything else drops from the sky we'll let you know. For now just keep hitting play and take in the madness!

Tom Van Steenbergen looks pretty happy and definitely relieved to have this one in the bag.
on the Turtle Ranch in Dubois Wyoming.

From front flips to backflips Cam Zink might have pulled the biggest back flip ever at Rampage last year but this is different. We interviews Cam a few days before Rampage last year and if you want to check that out then click here.

Without seeing this from a different angle than a webcam is difficult to see how wild it looks in the air but it's pretty nuts anyway. If this is a sign of what is to come in the film then we can't wait to see it and as soon as any more info drops we'll let you know. Now where is my practice ramp...