Bicycle Nightmares - The Death Of Post Office

It was pretty odd watching this video, for something that seemed so permanent, so deeply engrained in US dirt jump culture to be removed in a matter of hours wasn't something we were expecting to get to us. Watching the hours of work and crafted transitions being pulled apart by a bulldozer as well as some of the spades that built them is a pretty sad sight. We've got a feature in the next issue of the mag about these classic trails in Aptos but for now we'll leave the words to Alex Reveles to explain.

To support the project to relocate the jumps check out this website

Post Office was where we all met our best friends, created careers and influenced the youth of today. We had as much fun as we could riding and digging. I would like to thank everyone that came out the last week and showed their support and love for dirt jumping. The spirit of Post lives on and will never die. - Alex Reveles