It's Day 8 of our video advent calendar and this time we've not gone for a gnarly shredit, but instead something a bit different. Enjoy Fairdale Bikes' take on the apparently "dead" front derailleur.

Here's what we said at the time:

"SRAM may well have declared the front derailleur dead, but did they think of the consequences? What will we do with all the discarded derailleurs destined for the landfill? Thankfully Fairdale Bikes have the answer(s). Here's what they had to say:

"The bicycle industry has deemed shifting the front chainrings on your bicycle to be unnecessary. The front derailleur has been declared dead. The Fairdale R&D team has the vision to see that the front derailleur still has plenty of life left in it. The incredibly dynamic mechanical range of the front derailleur has many potential uses. The newly formed Fairdale Bikes Front Derailleur Repurposing Division (FBFDRD) is focused on honoring the front derailleur by finding new and practical uses for this beloved bicycle mechanism. Here's a sampling of our latest projects."