Bernard Kerr TAXCO Urban Downhill 2014 Helmet cam

The last big urban downhill race went off at the weekend in Mexico and Bernard Kerr has battled tacos and tequila as well as the slow internet to beam over his helmet cam run from the race. We all know it can get a bit wild zipping down the streets dodging the crowd and what not but Bernard seemed to enjoy it, wait for the shout at the end! Antione Bizet landed his second Best Trick win with his near signature back flip to front flip combo and if you want to catch that then check it out here.

If you need more of a wake up over your porridge and tea this morning then here's Needles going flat out in Bratislava earlier this year, he was definitely pinned even when things got tight and speaking of pinned we can't talk urban downhill with out mentioning Tomas Slavik's tyre banger from the race in Santos at the first race of the urban downhill season.