We all wonder what happens when we wave goodbye to our bikes at the check in desk and, if this video is anything to go by, the answer isn't great.

This video, filmed by Andy Thornley after a holiday to Mallorca, shows baggage handlers contracted by EasyJet simply dropping bike boxes onto a waiting trailer. While we're sure most baggage handlers treat our possessions with care, this is wince-inducing footage for anyone who has entrusted their pride and joy to an airline.

There's no telling if the bikes were damaged in the incident (thankfully most of them were packed in sturdy looking boxes) but let's hope they arrived to their owners intact.

In response to the video, Easyjet said “we have taken this up with our ground handling agent, as we expect our agents to treat our customers’ luggage with care."

While we have no control over what happens to our bikes in transit, this is probably a timely reminder that packing your bike carefully and securely is an absolute priority if you're going away!