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We love a good tune at Dirt and we're always on the lookout for our latest fix, so we thought to help satisfy our musical thirst we'd ask some riders for their Top Ten Tunes. From our experience those pro riders have more time than anybody to listen to music, so hopefully they'll uncover some gems for us.

Anyway, spinning those turntables this week we have none other than Gee Atherton, and he's got a right old mixed bag of treats for us. So, in reverse order here we go...

[part title="Lost - Frank Ocean"]

[part title="Orange Juice - Stanley Brinks & The Wave Pictures"]

[part title="Back In Black - AC/DC"]

[part title="Slide Away - Oasis"]

[part title="Winter in America - Gil Scott-Heron"]

[part title="The Sky is Fallin - Queens of the Stone Age"]

[part title="I got 5 on it - Luniz"]

[part title="Juicy - Notourious BIG"]

[part title="Hurt - Johnny Cash"]

[part title="Help Me Loose My Mind - Disclosure"]

So do you reckon Gee needs to see an otolaryngologist, or are there a few in there that you might add to your playlist?