[splitpost intro="true" order="reverse" numbers="true"]Our musical education that is 'Thursday Top Ten Tunes' continues, and this week our guest DJ is none other than Cam Zink. It's definitely fair to say that the guy is a legend, I mean when Red Bull's Rampage comes around there's always one guy whose run we can't wait to see, and it's always Cam.

We've got a big interview with him in the latest issue of Dirt, so if you haven't already read it then go and get yourself a copy cos it's well worth a read. In the meantime though, sit back and enjoy Cam's top ten tunes (I say ten, but like Peaty he had to go up to 11), and if you've missed any of our previous doses of musical enlightenment then just click on the links below...

Gee Atherton

Steve Peat

Matt Simmonds

[part title="Social Distortion- Reach For The Sky"]

[part title="Lagwagon- Alien 8"]

[part title="Big L- Fall Back"]

[part title="Souls Of Mischief- 93 Till Infinity"]

[part title="Neil Diamond- Cracklin Rosey"]

[part title="The Band- Up On Cripple Creek"]

[part title="David Allan Coe- If That Ain't Country"]

[part title="Trivium- Caustic Are The Ties That Bind"]

[part title="As I Lay Dying- Darkest Nights"]

[part title="Strung Out- Calling"]

[part title="Millencolin- Penguins And Polar Bears"]

So what do you reckon? Choice selection? Or were you wishing you had some ear plugs?